Citrine Rings and Earrings and What They Signify

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Despite of the already popular precious stones domineering the jewelry industry, the citrine has captured the hearts of people all over the globe especially as citrine rings are seen all over town. With its unique hues in different shades of orange, it is in fact not a total wonder. This precious stone is associated with the sun sign of Virgo, the birthstone for those born in November and is used to celebrate the 17th wedding anniversary.

citrine ringThe Citrine actually belongs to the quarts family and can come in either, orange, dark orange, yellow, yellow-brown and tangerine. In most cases, they are treated to intensify its underlying hues, remove blemishes and improve fire.

There are several deposits spread out all over the world such as Myanmar, Russia, Spain, Argentina, France, Uruguay, Madagascar, Zambia and Bolivia but the biggest one is found in Brazil which is also its largest supplier at present.

So what does having, giving or possession of citrine rings and other jewelry item mean?

SUCCESS is believed to come to a bearer of the stone as it brings with it abundance and prosperity. Because of this the citrine has been dubbed as the “prosperity or merchant stone”. There are even traditions and belies which state that putting one in a cash register, inside the pocket or wallet will maintain your good finances if not improve them.

It also brings in STABILITY as it is said to calm anger, depressions and frustrations. Likewise, it brings about happiness and positive outlook. This is the reason why many jewelers would suggest wearing one whenever you feel doubtful or anxious such as when going for a job interview.

BETTER SLEEP is another. This symbolism dates back to the ancient times when children were made to sleep with a citrine tucked under their pillows to ward off nightmares. The same holds true for those who suffer from insomnia. In fact they are believed to not only improve your dreams but they too help in recalling them later on.

We also have CONFIDENCE. This precious stone is dynamic enough but not overpowering to bring in just the right amount of confidence and will power.

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT is also brought about. The wearing of citrine rings, bracelets, necklaces and similar jewelry helps align your chakras, promotes not only health but also spiritual development and peace. Try wearing one during your next yoga session. It never hurts to try.

How to care for Platinum Diamond Solitaire Ring

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When a guy thinks he found the right one, proposing would linger in his mind and would think of the perfect way to do it. Aside from contemplating the best plot for the proposal, choosing and purchasing the right ring is the first priority. A Platinum Diamond Solitaire Ring is perfect. Solitaire is a French word which means “single” or “alone. This ring is special because of its feature, a single stone platinum ring carrying a diamond. That’s the reason why it’s a remarkable gift and this has become a popular choice for engagement rings. The quality of this ring is pretty impressive too, you may choose from classic to a modern type of ring.

Platinum Solitaire  Diamond Ring Brilliant Cut 1.00 Carat H I1Engagement rings are worn most of the time but even if they are made of strong materials which are unlikely to break, they still need to be taken care of. Cleaning the ring is important because of its great value. Here are some tips on how to care for your jewelry.

1.)  Storage: When the ring is not worn, keeping it in a safe is a must. Diamond is the hardest gemstone; therefore this can scratch other gemstones or other jewelries. The best way to keep it is to store it away from other jewelries by putting the ring in a pouch or you may use the original box that comes with it.

2.)  Protection: Daily activities such as bathing, cooking and putting on make-up can cause dirt to accumulate around the diamond because of the substances we use like shampoo, soap, creams for example. To keep rings clean for long remove the ring first before doing these activities. Avoid chemicals from spilling on your ring as well. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

3.)  Chipping: We know that diamond is a very hard substance but with careless or aggressive wear it can possibly damage it. To prevent this awful incident from happening, remove jewelry before doing any heavy lifting or manual work. You might scratch other items or chip your diamond ring or worse, loose it.

4.)  Soaking: You may give your ring or jewelry a clean at home. It would be convenient and the step is easy. Prepare a bowl and pour four-fifths parts warm water and one-fifth part household ammonia and then soak the jewelry in it for no more than ten minutes. After doing so, brush the ring gently with a very soft small brush (child’s toothbrush) and then dip it back into the solution and then rinse it in lukewarm water and leave it to dry on a cloth or towel.

Blue Topaz Rings and Its Symbolisms

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blue topaz ringsAccording to a previous study composed of two hundred thirty two (232) male and female respondents from twenty two (22) different countries, blue is the most favorite color for both genders. Fifty seven percent (57%) of the male respondents chose it as their favorite followed by green with fourteen percent (14%) while among the women it ranked first as well with a thirty five percent (35%) followed by purple with twenty three percent (23%). Now before we bore you with the statistics let’s get down to business. BLUE is a color preferred by many and such is seen in their purchasing preferences and that includes blue topaz rings. They are a popular item of purchase especially as gift items and have quite a number of symbolisms just like most stones, gems and crystals.

Now most of the said symbolisms and meanings behind blue topaz rings have originated from ancient and traditional beliefs from varied cultures all over the globe. Even with today’s modern and advanced technology we still tend to entertain such things. It is part of human psychology and besides there is completely no harm in choosing to believe them.

This jewelry can actually come in three varied shades:

  1. Pale Sky or Powder Blue akin to a clear sky,
  2. Cool Swiss akin to clear and cool waters, and
  3. London Blue which is a little darker and less bright compared to the first two.

Now what symbols and meanings do they hold?

  1. First and foremost it denotes peace, calm and quiet which is why it has been associated with calming raging tempers, putting forgiveness in between broken relationships, calming nervousness and butterflies in the stomach, invokes healthy communication and promotes understanding.
  2. Second it is also linked to learning and creativity as the soothing nature of blue allows for better mental power and artistic insight. It helps promote meditation, focus and concentration.
  3. In the same manner its comforting nature allows for better communication which is why they are often worn when delivering reports, speeches or stating opinions and stating ideas.
  4. Blue topaz rings are also known as great symbols of love, romance and affection. It signifies deep and true feelings. It resembles the blue tint of the ocean as it gets deeper and deeper.
  5. Blue topaz rings can also mean affection not for a partner but for a friend as blue signifies loyalty. It is in fact a famous item of choice as a friendship jewelry.


Tips For Buying Diamond Stud Earrings by Diamond Deals Online

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! So get to know your best friend! Most girls just simply pick out the bigger stone. But big diamond doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. You may find a big diamond priced the same as a smaller diamond. How is that possible? It all depends on the 4Cs of diamond grading: Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat. You don’t only judge the diamond according the size. You also consider how clear it is, how flawless the diamond is, how it is cut. These are the reasons why same size diamonds may differ in price. Or why a bigger diamond may have the same price as a small one. If you see a big diamond but it’s a bit yellowish and has inclusions, then it is possible to buy a small diamond but clearer and mid grade colour at the same price. Get my point?

diamond deals earringsIn buying diamond stud earrings you don’t have to get the most flawless of diamonds. If you don’t have the budget for that, you can choose a diamond that is cut in a way where light shines through it and gives it a beautiful sparkle. The amount of light returned from the diamond to our eyes is referred to as brilliance. You may choose G-H colour diamonds because once they are mounted they will appear flawless to the naked eye. The cut can give you an illusion that you have a flawless diamond. No need to choose the flawless grade clarity either, unless of course your budget permits it. There are diamonds that have inclusions but are not visible to the naked eye. So it is alright to choose those types so it won’t be too heavy on the pocket.

These tips from Diamond deals online should help you get the earrings of your dreams without hurting your bank account! So good luck with your search for the perfect pair of diamond stud earrings!